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Cindy Maddera

I don't know if it's the change in weather, vacation hangover or just being tired (see vacation hangover), but I've kind of been in a foul mood these past few days. There are some events coming up with one of the places I teach yoga that require me to be involved in group activities, the type of activities I thought I'd done away with when I left High school. These are the type of activities that make me cringe, but I'm doing them because I want that raise. So, I've been grumbly and in serious need of an attitude adjustment.

The other morning during my meditation practice, I aspired to have a better attitude. During my practice, I focused on listing things that make me happy. This seemed to work for, oh, about two hours. Today I thought it might just be better to keep a real list. Every time I did something today that made me happy, I wrote it down. Here is the list so far:

  1. Charity walks
  2. Brunch and laughter with Chris and Zelda
  3. Vegan cupcakes from Green Goodies
  4. Buying veggies from the Farmer's Market
  5. Planning the meals I'm going to make with the veggies purchased from the Farmer's Market
  6. Fresh bread and granola from the bakery (Big Sky)
  7. Discovering a new bookstore
  8. Running into good friends at an old book store
  9. Thinking of something the same time Chris thinks of it
  10. Tofu fried up fresh for me at the tofu store
  11. Having a beer with dinner
  12. Being able to use my computer again

That's the list so far. I'm going to continue adding to that list. In fact, I think I'm going to make this a daily practice. At least until the funk lifts. Which has already started to happen.