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4033142468_d35af8ae06_oChris and I met the most awesome woman at the Farmer's Market on Saturday named Susan Bergen (see Things that Make Me Happy). She's with Peach Crest Farms and normally doesn't do the Farmer's Market circuit, but that day she was filling in for her son so he could be at the OU game. Totally unnecessary information. She was selling (among other things) watermelon radishes and cutting off bites for people to try. For those of you have never tried a watermelon radish, big ones are mild and little ones are Red Hot hot. Poor Susan thought she had nearly killed me as I chocked and my eyes watered. She took pity and gave us her water. When I could talk again she asked us why were at the Farmer's Market. Chris and I told her about how we'd recently seen Food Inc. and Fresh. I mentioned that at least by the end of Fresh we were not crying, but, in fact, were inspired to grow food even though I am the black thumb of death. This is when Susan told me how to start my own veggie garden, a plan that is so stupid easy simple that it brought tears to my eyes (again). My heart swelled with hope and a realization that I can do this. And you know what my friends? So can you, because I am going to pass on the knowledge ( I took notes, seriously).

Step one: Throw leftover vegetable waste on the ground. That's right. On the ground. No need for tilling or clearing. Just plop it down in an area of your yard that gets five hours of sunlight a day. Next step is to add a layer of newspaper. Add a layer of cardboard on top of that. Then add a layer of bagged soil. Be sure to check the soil first. You want fluffy dirt, not clumpy. Check before you buy. Make a row in the dirt with the edge of your hand. Sprinkle in seeds like spinach, lettuce, and radishes. Cover and wait. This will get you started and by spring, your garden plot will have composted enough to start other vegetables.

I hugged this woman when we left. Not only has she inspired me with possibilities that even I can grow vegetables, but she provided me with support. The woman gave me her phone number! Told me to call when ever and if I have problems or questions. And I know. This is such a long entry to get to the point. But it's rare when I come across a person/book/movie that lights up that can-do spirit. I had to share. It's like that church song we used to sing as kids, This little Light of Mine. Hide it under a bush; Oh No! I'm gonna let it shine.

Happy Love Thursday.