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Cindy Maddera

Yeah...that's actually the slogan for the Oklahoma Library system. They even made up posters with famous Oklahomans reading their favorite books. But that's not what this entry is about. Actually, I shrivel up a bit when ever I'm asked about my favorite book. I can never choose a favorite. I just love to read.

I grew up in a home without cable or Nintendo. We lived (actually, my parents still live there with out cable) in a very rural community five miles outside a very small town. I was the only girl my age in the neighborhood until I was five or six and then I still had to ride my bike a mile or so to get to her house. I had a lot of alone time. But that's OK. I'm not scarred or bitter. I learned to play and use my imagination and read. One of the best things to do was fold a bunch of books up into an old blanket and find a bare patch amongst the tall grass of the pasture. I'd lay on that blanket for hours reading and taking breaks to gaze up at the blue sky and puffy clouds.

I am a devourer of books, a habit that has been coddled and encouraged by Mom, sister-in-law, sister, and husband. I keep the ones that are important to me and pass on the ones that are popcorn. But I always have a stack waiting for me on the night stand. I pick them off one at a time and then start a new stack. And that's my love Thursday. I can look at that stack of books and sigh a pleasurable sigh at the wonderful possibilities in those pages.

Happy Love Thursday!