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Cindy Maddera

Did I mention that I was actually in the Ghouls Gone Wild parade this year? You may even remember last year's entry and parade pics. Looking back at that entry I notice that I mentioned something about riding my scooter as Amelia Earheart. I walked and I was dressed as the purple cakra. Who cares?!?! All that matters is that I was in the parade.

For some crazy reason I thought that I may be able to carry the camera around with me. It was interesting being behind the scenes and I got some pictures of this before I handed the camera over to Chris. He took some pictures, many of which are at odd angles as he imitated paparazzi, and then the battery died. Doh!

Doesn't matter. The whole evening was great. We got to hang out briefly with Quinn and spend the rest of the evening with Zelda and friends drinking cider, warming toes at the campfire, and eating smores. I think if there is one smell that sums up the entire month of October it would be campfire smoke.

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