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Cindy Maddera

I have many things I'm thankful for this week, even though it's been a busy one. The weekend seems to be promising into an equally busy one. But, I'm thankful for this too.

One thing I'm thankful for is new adventures. Chris and I were able to check out the new vegan restaurant, 105Degrees this week. It was unbelievably good. Do you realize that it's been a year since I've opened a menu and could pick anything, anything from it? I didn't have to even ask what kind of stock such and such was cooked in or pick from the sides. This alone brought tears to my eyes. Another new adventure takes place this weekend with a yoga workshop by Doug Swenson. One of the sessions is all about nutrition and juicing. This is a guy who stayed a week with my teacher once and only ate watermelon through the entire visit. Should be very interesting.

Yesterday's rain and the new chill in the air also reminded me of how thankful I am to be able to be some place warm and dry. I couldn't get Aprilhelen out of my brain yesterday. I just kept picturing her curled up into the back of her dog house with the rain leaking through. Which then got me thinking about other's who would be lucky to even have the dog house to shelter in. I don't live in my ideal situation, but at least it's warm and dry and there's a real roof over head. Tomorrow is the last day of the contest. I'm hoping she wins, but I'm also thankful it will be over for her.

Be thankful for the blessings in your life and have a wonderful weekend!