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Cindy Maddera

Why does it always seem like we are thankful for Friday? What's wrong with being thankful for Wednesday of Tuesday? This week has been full of lows and highs and changes. And though I am thankful for the up coming three day weekend and the rest, I am also thankful for this week.

This week has been a learning week and a challenge. The normal routine was disrupted yet again. But in some ways we were able to improve the routine. And I'm beginning to grasp onto the idea that each day is different. We can plan and make all the lists, but you also have to be prepared for the unexpected.

I am thankful for the learning experiences that I've had this week. I am thankful for the ebb and flow of each day. I am even thankful for the jeans I'm wearing today because of the cool weather (I wear yoga pants to work every day. Jeans are a big deal).

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and Happy Thankful Friday.