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Cindy Maddera

I dread the yucky weather only because it means that I'll end up having to walk the inside route for my walking trail. The inside track loops through all of the hospitals that surround where I work. It's a maze of skywalks and stairwells and there's always people to dodge and hospital smells.

Yesterday, we took the inside track. My friend and I were more then half way finished, heading back through the Presby Skywalk, when a person in one of those handicap scooters came careening around a corner. The person kept making screeching sounds every time he/she took a turn. The second corner, the person caught us out of the corner of his/her eye and said "You ladies exercisin'?". I said "yes ma'am". Then he turned and looked at me with a cocked eyebrow and I hastily said "yes sir? yes person?". He just laughed at me and said that he spent so many years making money by wearing heals and a wig that it was probably OK to call him ma'am if I wanted to. As we walked down the hallway with him cruising along, he told us about how he used to be a manny and that's why he had this big red purse. He told us about dancing with Ballet Oklahoma before he "dropped his basket". He told us about his stint as a drag queen and then he told us to do an extra lap for him. When we parted ways, I told him to have a great day. He replied "you have a better one".

I don't know why he was at the hospital that day or why he was in the scooter. But he totally made my day. Which really puts things in perspective. This person was obviously not any better off financially then I am and definitely worse off physically. But he was the most upbeat, carefree person I'd met in weeks, maybe even months. Here I was bitching because I had to walk inside. Poor pitiful me. At least I can walk.

Mister in the red handicap scooter with the big red purse. Thank you. Thank you for the reminder that every day, every moment is a gift.