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Cindy Maddera

So many things went on this weekend that I still haven't absorbed and processed it all. First of all, I attended a weekend long yoga workshop with Doug Swenson, which was fun.

I blogged more about the workshop here, but I had a chance to hang out with Doug and my teacher Karen in between sessions on Saturday. Doug is just this really funny guy that says some really profound things in between some really nonsensical things. It's totally up to you to interpret. What I really liked about Doug's approach to yoga was the emphasis on making it your practice no matter what branch of yoga you choose to study and his carefree approach to the practice. It was refreshing to be around a yoga guru that didn't take things so seriously.

In between yoga workshops there were documentaries at the Sustainability on Film festival going on at the art museum. We saw No Impact Man on Saturday evening and Earth Days on Sunday. What I liked about No Impact Man was how this man dragged his some what unwilling wife into the project. She just wasn't into it, but by the end she was all excited and talking about what they were keeping (bicycles, farmers' market, no TV). See her transformation was refreshing. I don't have much to say about Earth Day. It was a good documentary, but it left me angry at the generation before us. Why the Hell didn't they do more!? Sort of like crying of spilled milk, I know.

This was a weekend for learning new things and meeting new people. Smooshed into all of this was time with some old friends and meeting an internet friend face to face. Lots of laughs and lots good conversations. It was just a full weekend, but the soothing "I just ate a bowl of comforting stew" type of full.