I'm probably the worse person to take shoe shopping. As a teenager, I was my mother's worse nightmare in a shoe store. I hated shoes and still would prefer to walk around barefoot. The shoe always looks better on the shelf then my foot. My mom would take me to a shoe store like Belts or some other warehouse type place and grit her teeth the entire time. I hated shoes, so I didn't take them seriously. I could spend more time hunting down the most ridiculously ugly pair of shoes. I believe it's a gift.

I've come to terms with shoes and comfort and have a more balanced relationship with shoes these days. But when I saw these red shoes at a garage sale last week, that teen Cindy peeped out and made a bee line for them. For $5, I grabbed them up, barely trying them on. I thought they would be great costume material for when I start the 365 day project again next year. What I didn't count on when I really truly put the shoes on was just how much I would totally fall for these shoes. They are the shoe with endless possibilities. I saw dozens of outfit possibilities in these shoes. Plus, and this is a very big plus, I could be a red shoed ninja! I was planning on being Amelia Earhart for Halloween this year, but suddenly I became Amelia Earhart as the Red Shoed Ninja. The whole story fit perfectly. Amelia Earhart didn't disappear. She studied with a world renowned ninja in a secret society of red shoed ninjas.

Love Thursday isn't just about red shoes. It's about finding that something that makes you feel like you could conquer the world. I believe I was meant to have those shoes right now in this moment. I would never have purchased them full price, which just happens to be $100 (I looked them up). Score! Happy Love Thursday!