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Cindy Maddera

We used to take Hooper to this park three or four times a week to walk. He loved it and we always got such a laugh out of his crazy antics. But then there was a series of unfortunate events. By the time we had scabbed over from the unfortunate events, Chris started a new job that had him working crazy hours. By the time his job ended, I started a crazy teaching schedule. Family Walk Nights fell by the way side.

We actually re-instated family walk night two weeks ago, but we're off to a rocky start. We went on a Monday and then two weeks almost went by before we were able wrangle the schedules back under control to go again. It's just such a joy to take Hooper to the park. It's like giving him crack. He looses his mind and any and all sense. He becomes so overwhelmed with the things he needs to pee on that he eventually ends up pooping on a tree or a lamp post and this always, always makes us laugh.

When we opened the front door to head out on our walk, the skies were looking a little dangerous. I hesitated and then Chris said "let's do this". We were half way back to the car when the sky opened up and just poured buckets. Hooper is not the spry young dog he used to be and when I tried to get him to run, he came to a dead halt. So, we walked in the rain and loved every minute of it.

Happy Love Thursday.