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Cindy Maddera

OK, so it's a picture from last Thanksgiving. Things got out of whack this week and the thing I wanted to take a picture of and blog about just didn't happen. But at least I already have a pre-planned entry for next week.

I started this week off in a funk. We decided to make some major food changes and I wasn't to excited about the prospect of making those types of changes in city that doesn't really make those changes easy. But we're learning and next week the shopping experience will be better and we'll eventually get a handle on where to go for what and where to get our food at a reasonable price.

The thing that really has made this change so great is how Chris and I have been working together. We both spend equal time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Plus it's really been nice to sit down at the dinner table together. Last night, I picked up a last minute subbing job. This left Chris in charge of dinner. We had planned on a frittata and salad and I was really worried about leaving that up to Chris. It just seemed a little too complicated for some one not used to really cooking. But you know what? Chris did an amazing job. It was great! It's just been so nice to not have all the responsibility of the meals.

That picture from last Thanksgiving was probably the last time Chris and I sat down at the dinner table and really enjoyed our meal. We were just so grateful to have a holiday to ourselves for a change. But looking back, I think that's kind of silly. We've had the opportunity to sit down at the dinner table all this time. We had the opportunity to make every day Thanksgiving. I used to just love food. Now I'm learning to love the whole process of food, the cooking, the sharing, even the cleaning up after the meal. I'm learning to love taking the time to sit and enjoy and actually taste my food again.

Happy Love Thursday!