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Cindy Maddera

Well, Holiday weekend. Chris and I sure didn't waste it. Friday after work we had a quick dinner at Big Truck Tacos before running over to the Art Museum to see an early showing of Objectified (I learned the most amazing feature about a particular kind of toothpick). After the movie we headed over to a friend's for a house warming party. And the fun didn't stop there. Oh no. When we have a weekend, we have a weekend people.

The next morning we got up at dark thirty to drive to Dallas for the day. Chris was at the wheel, with out coffee, and just about the time I thought he was going to have a "Why the Fuck can't I find a Fucking Starbucks" moment, we stumbled upon Le Madeleine's. We only grabbed coffee and croissants, but they were tasty and we'd love to try this place for a real breakfast some time. Coffee melt-down averted we headed off to our usual Dallas destinations like REI, Whole Foods, World Market, Costco. Wait. Did I say Costco? That's right people after lunch at the most wonderful Indian place and our zombie impersonations in Whole Foods and World Market, Chris and I went to Costco. There we improved on our Zombie impersonations and actually drooled. We left the place with our very own membership card, four hundred pounds of cheddar bunnies, fifteen pounds of my favorite pop tarts, a twenty pound block of cheese and a couple of shirts. Good Lord!

Right about now you're thinking "the next day they rested". Nope. We met Zelda for lunch and then we all met up with the Jens for Inglorious Bastards. We hung out at the Jens talking and eating pizza until the wee hours and had a great time. Then we rested? Nope. There was still a few little grocery items left to get, laundry to finish, a bathroom to scrub, meals to prepare, and things to be gathered for the work week. Then there was a massage and then...then...I rested. Whoosh!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and savored every last moment the way we did.

Favorite purchases from the weekend: New organic tees from Mission Playground and this lovely tea filter straw.