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Cindy Maddera

OK, I have a couple of items of charity business to discuss. First off, my friend Aprilhelen is in the My Life as a Dog Challenge and is currently chained to a dog house in Bricktown. The challenge is to raise awareness and funds for the The Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Not only is this a great cause, but she could also win a compressed natural gas vehicle. It's seriously going to come down to a popularity contest, so I need you to go and vote for her every day at this link. Aprilhelen's dog name is Aum.

Secondly, I'm doing the AIDS Walk of Oklahoma City this year. Many of you may know that this is something I used to do regularly a number of years ago, but unfortunately stopped because of something or another and then got out of practice. Any way. The AIDS walk is another great cause and one that I've always been a supporter of. The CDC reported that more then 56,000 Americans become infected with HIV every year. This totally blows my mind considering we know how this disease is transmitted (that's as far as I'm going on this topic. This entry is about charity, not politics). Please email me if you would like to send some change and moola my way for the AIDS walk. Any thing, even dryer lint, is appreciated.

Lastly, Zelda and I are brewing up something that may become a monthly event. We are hoping that it becomes a monthly event where we can raise some money for a different charity each month. We have willing participants; we have a PA system. We just need a venue. I'm working on it, but hopeful by October or November we'll get this show on the road. Stay tuned. And don't forget to vote for Aum (Aprilhelen) every day!