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Cindy Maddera

I'm going through a dreaming phase these days. I can remember going weeks with out dreaming, being so tired that I'd be asleep a second after laying my head down and waking up in the exact same position I'd started out. But these days, I dream.

The other night I dreamt I was playing field hockey with a cricket bat. I kept wandering around the field going "what am I supposed to do with this bat again?". There was lots of running and lots of chaos. The coach was clueless and just kept yelling at all of us on the team to "buck up", what ever that means.

I get it...the dream. I get that I feel unprepared or I have all the wrong tools and skills for the job I'm doing. I feel unprepared for lots of things, like the new job I start in December (not willing to blog about that, lets just leave it at I will not go unemployed). I have all these ideas and plans, but I feel like I'm lacking the ability to get any of them done. I know. It sounds crazy. Me. The original Lisa Simpson can't figure out how to use that cricket bat.

And I think that's the real problem. I don't need a cricket bat to play field hockey. So what I really need to do is drop the bat and pick up the hockey stick. All it takes is a little bit of letting go.