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Cindy Maddera

I think I mentioned that my mom's cat escaped from the camp trailer while on the camping trip over a week ago. My poor mom is heartbroken over the whole thing and not quite ready to give up. There was a sighting of the cat on Monday of last week somewhere in the cave and there have been just enough visitors around that have seen "a calico" cat to give my mom some bit of hope in finding Foxxey (the cat).

I have to say that the park rangers at Alabaster Caverns have been wonderful through this whole ordeal. They've kept my mom informed on sightings and they've told the visitors to keep an eye out for Foxxey. They even let my Mom have free range of the cave to look for Foxxey as long as she had two other people with her and a hard hat.

So, you can guess what Chris and I did on Saturday. We met my mom and sister in Enid at seven AM on Saturday morning and then we all made the final trek back to Alabaster Caverns together to spend the day hunting for the cat. Janell, Mom and I had cave detail while Chris hung around the campground with some of Foxxey's favorite things like a banana (her favorite treat), her sleeping basket, and a roast beef sandwich. Wait. Now that I think about it, I think the sandwich was really more for Chris then the cat.

I'd like to say that we came home with a cat, but unfortunately that just wasn't the case. Janell and I searched just about every nook and cranny of that cave. We all scoured the campgrounds; we even waited until dark to see if she would come out. But no, nada, no cat. It was sad for Mom, but Janell and I had lots of fun exploring the cave. We got to explore places of the cave that the usual tour group never gets to go. I found a horse skeleton and we saw loads of bats. Just no cat.

Mom's still hopeful. She's already talking about going up and staying at small hotel up there. I kind of think that Foxxey is kind of pulling a Homeward Bound and is headed home. Either that or she's just having too much fun in the wild and doesn't really care to be found.