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Cindy Maddera

I started a new teaching job this week at the down town Y and there were a number of things that worried me about taking this job (besides the fifty or so pages of paperwork that I had to fill out). First of all, the schedule is a bit crazy. I teach a six AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 5:30 PM Tuesdays at the Y. Plus I still have my classes at the YHOT studio (7:30PM Tuesdays and 6PM Thursdays). I worried that it would just be too much in one day particularly on Tuesdays. But it turned out to be not so bad and I have Mondays and Fridays off (unless I choose to sub for someone, which I will be doing for the next two Mondays....No! Means NO!).

Another thing I was worried about was taking over for a class that up until now had been taught by a yoga Nazi. There are a lot of people in those 6 AM classes. A lot of people attached to a certain teacher, a teacher that I disagree with. I have taken this person's classes before and listened to people endure pain in this class. I have also listened to this teacher encourage them to endure the pain, a philosophy completely opposite from mine.

I start to get into some conflicting thoughts on teaching in a fitness facility. Yoga in fitness facilities is a bastardized version of yoga. Those people want a work out, want to feel the burn, with a no pain no gain mentality and they expect no less from their yoga practice. It's no different at the Y. I was really worried that I'd have to compromise my beliefs and my yoga style to please these people. But you know what? I didn't. I went in and taught like I always teach. I feel really good about how I taught this week and how the classes went. Now, I don't know how the students felt about it and I may not be teaching there long if they start complaining. But I feel good about it.

I'm thankful for my practice and for having the integrity to stick to my beliefs. I am thankful that I had the chutzpah to refuse to teach in a way that conflicts with how I believe we should practice yoga. I am thankful for the path I have chosen to walk.

What's a ballsy thing that you're thankful you did this week? Have a wonderful weekend!