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Cindy Maddera

I am, and have always been really, a person of routine. The routine is very important to me and I get a little frazzled when the routine is disrupted. I feel like for most of the month of August, the routine has been off. I've subbed yoga classes. We've taken an unexpected trip and for most of this month I feel like I've been playing catch up. I'm holding on to things by my fingernails, just barely finishing normal chores like laundry. Just getting by.

This week, I didn't sub any classes and things look like they are starting to fall into place. We've been trying to re-instate family walk night for months now and thought Monday's would be a good night for that. Then I started all the subbing, but this week we finally managed to take the dog to the park.

So, on this Thankful Friday, I am thankful for the routine because the routine brings me peace. I am thankful that I'm finally finding a rhythm to the day and finding a place for the big and small things on the list. My meditation journal has consecutive dates instead of random moments of hasty meditation. I am thankful for the peace.

Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend. Happy Thankful Friday.