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Cindy Maddera

Last week Chris informed me that he was going on a special diet to jump start his work-out routine. This was after I had planned on making lasagna. I made that lasagna any way and ate on it, and ate on it, and finally finished it off on Thursday.

You can usually tell the type of week I'm having by the food I'm consuming. Last week was a bad one. I never recovered from the whirl wind of a weekend and I really didn't plan meals past the lasagna. My eating habits where so bad last week that I even scrounged change for a candy bar from the vending machine. TWICE! I don't know why or how I let it happen. When I eat poorly not only do I feel bad physically, the affect it has on me mentally is astronomically bad. The guilt...oh the guilt.

Glad to say that I'm back on track this week and I started with brining back the Sunday dinner. I roasted red potatoes with a fo-turkey loaf. The potatoes where fresh from my CSA basket, so fresh I had to scrub the dirt from them. I also roasted fresh corn with garlic, pepper and butter. the corn was also part of last weeks CSA basket. I remember shucking corn from our garden as a kid and always being freaked out by the corn worms that get inside the husk. I found one in one of the corn cobs as I was shucking it and laughed out loud. It was just so nice to be eating something so fresh and pure.

I have plans for the rest of the week. Left over fo-turkey will end up in sandwich wraps with the fresh arugula (again CSA basket, I love you). We'll have spaghetti with squash and egg plant and a quiche another night. We'll make our own pizza on Pizza night and breakfast night with fresh blueberry pancakes. So any night you want to come for dinner is fine with me, with the exception of Tuesday (new teaching schedule, Tuesday is now fend-for-yourself night).