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Cindy Maddera

Well, Duh right? I mean how easy is it to do a love entry about your husband? I only decided to do today's Love Thursday entry about Chris because of something I experienced on our way to Alabaster Caverns last Friday.

We were driving out into the Oklahoma panhandle, surrounded by fields of corn, sunflowers and nothing. I had the iPod hooked up and playing Ingrid Michaelson, singing along. Then her song "You and I" came on and I continued to sing along, when all of a sudden the lyrics in that song hit me like a brick. That song is us. And I'm singing along and I turn to Chris with this big grin and I look at him and my heart swelled. It swelled so big, it filled all the way up to my eyeballs. And I was happy, truly happy.

Listen to that song (the video I chose for it is pretty cute too). Then go hug that person you want to build a house with. Happy Love Thursday!