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Cindy Maddera

A couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me a Dumbo figurine that sits on my desk at work. His ears flap whenever the sun hits a little solar power sensor on the front. I love him because he always looks happy to see me.

The figurine came with these little cards that you could wedge into a holder. At the time I didn't want to bother, so I just tossed them in my desk drawer and forgot about them. Then, last week I was rummaging through the drawer looking for a make shift bookmark and I came across this card. I had forgotten all about the good messages on the cards, but this one came to me during a moment of doubt. I found it right around the time I was starting the new classes at the Y and I was worried about not being the type of yoga teacher they wanted.

Well, I'm still not sure I'm the right teacher for the morning class, but the evening class was great. I just feel that the people that come to the 6 AM class have different intentions for their yoga practice then my intentions for their yoga practice. And that's OK. But that little card reminded me that I can do it. I can teach with integrity and devotion to my practice. I can teach people to be safe in their practice. I can teach people to be joyful in their practice.

It's just a little reminder that you are enough. Happy Love Thursday!