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Cindy Maddera

I think it's important to start out the post by saying that every one is OK. The dog is still moving around like he needs a walker, but he's doing much better.'re probably wondering what in the world we got into on this camping trip.

I have to say that the camping trip was a success. We had a couple of minor hiccups, but they were manageable. The weather turned out to be perfect and we ended up have the entire camp site to ourselves. We ate well. We laughed lots. We had a good time. The only really down side was the three mile hike that turned into a twelve mile hike for Chris and Hooper and fifteen mile hike for me. We got lost. Really lost.

Some how we ended up on the ten mile trail and at about the eight mile mark Hooper had had enough. Poor guy. I wasn't near as worried about Chris as I was the dog. I really thought we were going to have to carry him out, which we kind of did. We got him to the road and then a couple of more miles before he laid down and would not get up. I hiked the three more miles into camp to get the car. I have to say, I'm in a lot better shape then I thought. Chris could have made it back, but not at the pace I was traveling. Even then, I almost cried when I saw the camp site.

We made it back safe and sound. Hooper is recovering; still moving about like an old man, but he'll be fine in a day or two (he got up for peanut butter toast this morning). The tent held up through a pretty freaky thunderstorm and we ended up replacing a tire on the car. But even through all of that, we laughed and had an awesome time.