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Cindy Maddera

This is probably one of those after-drunk entries that should be written and never posted. But some events and signs have been happening around us (Chris, myself, a few other close friends) that seem to be pushing us to...something and it should be recognized. Even if it gets a little lu-lu.

Many moons ago, we left behind our school and our little community of transcendentalists to make it in the "real" world. I think when this happened (and I probably shouldn't be speaking for Chris, but I'm going to any way) we got lost. And everything we've done since then has done nothing but put us deeper into the woods.

For some reason this year seems different. Like we've turned a corner and there are all these signs pointing us in the right direction. This year has kind of been like LA Story with the big flashing sign. We've seen movies that have affected us. The scene in Darjeeling Limited (we didn't get around to seeing it until this year) where the brothers toss their heavy luggage so they can make the train to get to their destination. The million living-your-life metaphors in Up. The search for a home in Away We Go. All of these have been our flashing sign.

But there's more to it then the movies. It's the re-connection we've made with the friends from school. Zelda said last night (yes we were very tipsy) that she feels like she's a better person when we are around. But the thing is we are all better people when we are around each other because there's a sense of community. We all agree that we want something better then just having a job and coming home to watch Fox News every evening. We want more; we want the adventure of living.

Some of us in the group may feel that we are getting no where. Still swimming in the ideas of what we want. I don't think that's entirely true. I think that every time we sit down and spend ten minutes writing, painting, or anything it is we want to really do in life, that we are making progress. If you were completely done with everything you had to and wanted to do there would be no reason to even be around any more.

Every moment cannot be perfect. But we can ceise the bits that are. In the end, it's not the things, but the stories that truly matter.