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Cindy Maddera

I know. Enough with the scooter right? Well, too bad. The scooter is my life and deserves every blog entry it gets. And there are things to be gleaned from scooter and riding the scooter and being one with the scooter.

The other night while sitting under Zelda's gazebo, something was said about wanting to take their life into a certain direction, but it never seems to work out, more like the life just goes in circles. Chris said "it's like when Cindy was first learning to ride the scooter". I was terrible the first time on the scooter. I would see a parked car and know that was not the direction I would want to go, but instead would head straight for it any way. It all changed when I started looking in the direction I wanted to go. That's the first life lesson from scooter riding. Look in the direction you want to go in and stop looking at the places you don't want to go.

Something else that riding my scooter has really taught me is the practice of unitasking. The topic of unitasking came up in my yoga class last night and we discussed what unitasking entails. One of my students is also a scooter rider and I turned to him asked him if he's noticed if he is more aware while on the scooter. He definitely agreed. When I'm riding the scooter I am more aware of smells, sounds, images, even temperature changes. That's because when I am riding my scooter, there's no other place to be but on the scooter. There's no radio or me punching the radio scan button searching for something less annoying then the current option. There's no cell phone distraction. Just me. Just the scooter. One task.

The scooter has turned out to be something unexpected. I thought owning the scooter would be a fun way to save gas. And it is. Great Fun. What I didn't expect was how riding the scooter would turn into my meditation practice or turn out to be one of the most important things I do for myself every day.