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Cindy Maddera

I've been a little blue lately. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my 7 AM class being canceled at Art of Yoga. Then I thought I'd be teaching in the evenings there in August, but that fell through too. So...I'm no longer teaching at my dream studio. I feel bad about that, but realize that my morning class is not the only one to bite the dust. And those teachers have been there loads longer then I have. Tough times for the studio I think.

Any way, I put together a little yoga resume and took it to a couple of gyms on Friday. The downtown Y called me before I even got home. I have to do a little more CPR training to work for them, but as soon as I finish that I'll be teaching three classes a week there. Yeah for a job, but not so thrilled about taking over a class where student have serious conflicting intentions for their practice. We shall see how this goes.

Though I did get some emails this morning that really made the mean reds lift a little. My students from my evening work class (free) sent me a gift card. Sweet. And the best news, was that my yoga teacher has reviewed my video. She said it was wonderful and great and awesome and that I pass. I passed yoga teacher training! Done! And Done! OK...must stop. Tears stinging the eyes. Relishing the good moment.