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Cindy Maddera

Was it just me or was this week a particularly long one? It seems that many of us are living for the Fridays lately and I know that I am no exception. But still, the days fly by fast enough that I have a hard time taking in the moments I am thankful for.

This week I am thankful for a couple of things. First of all, I am thankful for the students that I've had this week. The last two weeks have been desolate. I drive to studios only to have zero students. I was starting to panic, but Thursday turned it all around. I know it's summer and schedules are all wonky. But I can't help but feeling guilty for getting paid for not teaching. So, I am hoping that Thursday is a trend and things are going to start picking up again.

Secondly, I am thankful for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Chris and I have wanted to be a part of one for some time, but we are kind of limited in this state. The few that exist have huge waiting lists. My boss, M, offered to share her CSA baskets with us. She's been on the Guilford Gardens list for a couple of years now and she said it was more then they could eat in a week. For $12.50 a week I'm getting organic, homegrown tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, beets and this week a zucchini. I went with M to pick up our basket yesterday so I could see the place and know what to do when I have to pick up the basket. I was floored that this place exists in the middle of a Nichols Hills neighborhood. I want this. I want to grow vegetables like this. I was giddy over the whole experience. Can't wait for next weeks basket.

Seems to be good things to be thankful for, work and food. So basic. Hope all have a wonderful weekend!