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Cindy Maddera

There are many things to be thankful for today, but I think I'm most thankful for not being struck by lightening on the way to the studio yesterday. Yes...I was on the scooter in that crazy storm yesterday.

But everything was fine. I have to take kind of an odd path to get out there and it kept me just barely on the good side of the weather. But every time I turned north on a rode, I was sweating it. I actually saw a lightening strike and then I said (I'm pretty sure out loud) "I'm in trouble". The scary stuff didn't happen until I got onto the lake road and then the wind was so bad I could barely keep the scooter up or in the right lane. But I only got a few sprinkles before I made it to the studio (in the nick of time).

By the time I left the studio, the storm had cleared. Our neighborhood was actually in the worse line of the storm. There was plenty of tree limbs and other debris to be dodged in the road. Our neighbor's chain link fence is leaning into our yard. Yup, the winds were so bad they blew over a chain link fence. We're cleaning up and the cable is finally back on. I feel blessed that I was able to avoid the worst of it.

And...despite the damages, I'm thankful for the rain. Happy Thankful Friday!