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Cindy Maddera

I stared blankly at the screen for about twenty minutes, which is crazy. I have things I'm thankful for. I do. But it's the usual stuff like Chris, dog, scooter, things you've heard before. Nothing crazy spectacular happened this week and if it did it rushed by way to fast to get a grip on.

I am really thankful to be finished with yoga teacher training. One and half years of teacher training. I am thankful for the compliments and praise I received from my teacher regarding my teaching skills. I am thankful for my students from my evening work class. My last class with them is next week. Part of me is sad to end the class, but I had to let something go. That class, as much as I love my students, was more stress and hassle then it was worth (which apparently was nothing, since I had zero support outside the class). It has been so rewarding to watch my students grow in their practice and I will miss them.

I suppose I am also thankful for how uneventful the week turned out to be. My weekend is chocked full. So I needed a low-key week in order to prepare me for the coming crazy. Whether your week was dull or crazy busy, find something in it, any thing, that you are thankful for.

Have a fabulous weekend!