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I don't think I could have fit more into this weekend even if it had included an extra day. The short list: dinner with the family (all of them), yoga conference at D-Fest, 4-H alumni dinner, Cake concert and a car break down involving a vehicle being towed. And...I'm home.

This year they decided to attach a yoga conference to D-Fest in Tulsa and I agreed to volunteer. I had no idea what to expect, but the conference was great. To be surrounded by so many positive and joyful people all day long, was Awe-some. What I didn't realize or plan on was that I would get access to all the music venues too. For Free! Cake was really the only band I wanted to see and when I found out that they wouldn't be playing until 11:30 Saturday night, I was a little torn. That is way past my bed time. Then I smacked myself on the forehead and said "Cindy! You have a chance to see a band you really really really like. A band you've never seen before. A band with a lead singer that you've always wanted to know what he looks like. YOU ARE GOING TO THAT CONCERT". And I did.

I've never been to a concert by myself. And I kind of did a stupid thing by parking sooooo faaar away from the concert. But I'm cheap and I didn't want to pay for parking. I realize it was a risk, but I made it safely to the concert and even ran into a friend from high school who just happened to be on police duty down town (Karma). I was also able to score a spot in the very front, kind of to the left, of the stage. So, yeah, concert was Totally Great!

The only down side was that my car didn't make it home. I think there's a coolant leak. So we are driving my mom's van. I have more to say, but golly I'm tired. Plus my brain is crammed to the brim with things that need to be processed. But I can now mark off find-out-what-the-lead-singer-from-Cake question from my list and he looks good.