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Cindy Maddera

I travel down this road every day to work. It's not a very pretty road. It's not even well paved and tends to be a bit bumpy on the scooter. It's mainly an industrial road that passes by a couple of refineries. People tend to dump their trash out there, things like old mattresses and couches.

But there's this one spot where the road crosses the Canadian River that's very pretty. It's my favorite part of the drive, particularly in the mornings. Often, when the water is low like this, you can see dozens of white cranes dotting the river. In the mornings, the swallows are swooping back and forth around the bridge and some times you can even see a kingfisher hanging out on one of the telephone wires that cross the river.

In the middle of all the garbage there's this small oasis of beauty. I love being able to find beauty in the most unexpected places.

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