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Cindy Maddera

My best friend's dog passed away on Friday. It was a good peaceful death, but still seemed to happen too soon. It really made me think of how little time we have with the furry members of the family.

It recently hit me that Hooper is getting on in years (he's nine!). I don't think it really became an issue until our recent camping trip. I never thought for an instant that it would be Hooper that I would worry about the most on that 12 mile hike. And then that night, when Chris and I had to physically lift his body so he could go to the bathroom, turned me into a ball of worry. I'm not kidding when I say it took him a full week to recover. Well...he's back to his old self and playing Chris and his mother for suckers (they've been letting him stay inside all day). But he prances and trots and can jump up on the couch.

Hooper is a gift. We may have purchased him from the local animal shelter, but I think we got the best deal out of that purchase. Today's Love Thursday is a reminder to spend just five more minutes throwing that frisbee, five more minutes on that walk, five more minutes on a belly scratch. Because you just never know. Life is too short, particularly for dogs.

Happy Love Thursday!