So...the last teacher training weekend is over and done with. Once I finish up a short list of things (video of me teaching, update CPR card, some essay questions) I will be done and ready to become Yoga Alliance certified. Yip!

This weekend was really good. I learned a few things that just hadn't dawned on me (yet). For instance, crunches just make your belly pooch out more. Information that would have been useful, oh I don't know, about a gagilion crunches ago. I also learned a better way to teach the yoga tricep pushup. I have been struggling with this one. I learned a couple of new tricks to make this pose easier to grasp.

I know I should jumping right on that list of things to finish up, but I'm giving myself this week off. I'll worry about it all when I get back from the annual girls' trip to St. Louis. I am actually looking forward to this.