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Cindy Maddera

Today I am attending a yoga workshop by Judith Lassiter (big name in the yoga community). I have just a few social events planned for this weekend and then I have no more weekend obligation for a while (at least until mid July). Even though this month has been, well...hectic, it hasn't been too bad. I like having something to do other then the usual household chore list. But I'm also ready for a few weekends that just belong to me. I thankful for the busy or the break? I think I'm thankful for both. More and more I'm learning to just be thankful for what each day brings and those few moments I have for myself. Last week I rode the V out to my teaching job on the other side of the city. I teach two classes in a row and by the time I locked up the studio it was close to 8:30 in the evening. I was tired and hungry and I had very long trek ahead of me. But I enjoyed every single minute of it. It was like the perfect meditation. No where else to be in that moment then on my scooter.

Much like yesterday's Love Thursday, it's the small, simple, snippets that I am thankful for today. I challenge everyone to just take twenty minutes for yourself today and be thankful.

Happy Thankful Friday