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Cindy Maddera

Last week, I reached to pull my laptop out of my backpack when I noticed that my pack was sporting a new pin. A grin spread across my face and little chill bumps broke out on my arms. Chris had made the pin and then snuck it onto my backpack while I was in the shower that morning.

It's not the pin itself that I love as much as the intention and idea behind the pin. It's inspired by the pin that Ellie gives Carl as children in Up made from a Grape Soda bottle cap. She gives it to Carl to make him an honorary member of her Junior Adventure Club. Chris made mine with a Moxie Soda cap, since that seems to be the only soda I ever want to drink. Also, we both just like the word "moxie".

It's not any thing fancy. Not made of silver or gold or encrusted with diamonds. It's just a simple little soda cap. A simple little soda cap that signifies that I am an official member of Chris's Adventure Club and we're in this great adventure together.