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Cindy Maddera

This weekend was crazy busy. It started with the Paseo Art Festival and ended with the return of Mrs. Swan. The Paseo Art Festival was a little uneventful for me. I only ended up with one student (the studio owner) for my free class. I had also agreed to hang out in the studio as part of the Welcome Wagon until eight that evening. So...didn't get to see much of the festival or take all the pictures I had planned. Chris and I did have a splashing good ride home in the rain on the scooters.

The next day we had been invited to two different cookouts. We kind of just BBQ hopped. I unfortunately ate way too much at the first cookout, so ended up drinking my dinner at the next one. Sometime between the two I lost my keys, but didn't realize it until the next day. I had left them at the first cookout, where we were invited back on Monday to help eat all the leftovers. Once again, I deserve an award for most potato salad consumed in a 24 hour period. We drove home last night only to realize that the mother-in-law has returned from her trip. The honeymoon is over.

I did take some pictures at the Paseo Fest. I also took some at the cookouts we attended. Just some random, candid people and kids shots. I haven't gotten around to uploading and editing those yet. But enjoy the ones taken at the Paseo!