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Cindy Maddera

Two summers ago, I pulled up everything from the front "flower bed" at the old house where we were living. When I finally got all of the rocks out and hacked away a horrible shrub, I had to decide what to plant in the space. It had to be something I couldn't really kill and things that could tolerate the harsh Oklahoma Sun.

This is when I became obsessed with grasses. I'd see these tall beautiful wavy grasses in purples and golds and greens and I'd want to go dig them up and transplant them to my garden. Every time I looked at them at the local garden center, the price tag prohibited me from buying them. What if I killed a $20 grass!?!

I don't have my own home right now and have little gumption to invest in plants that won't be mine in a year or two. Sometimes, I'm still tempted to fill in an area of our front yard with those grasses (I know they would drive the mother-in-law mad!). But I resist. Instead, I just enjoy them from afar and plan ahead for the future garden.

What on earth does this post have to do with love, you ask? Think of it as loving the beauty that surounds you in this moment, capturing memories to share in the future. Or you can see it as loving nature. Take your pick and Happy Love Thursday.