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Cindy Maddera

What a drizzly rainy weekend we had! Things seemed to move in slow motion for us this weekend, but we still managed to do a lot. I promoted my new yoga class at the Paseo Art Walk Friday night. It went well considering the weather made for a slow turn out. Still, I was able to talk to three or four people about my class and also encourage other to come to any of the classes listed on the schedule. Hopefully I'll see some turn out on this.

Chris and I also went to the Oklahoma History Center to see the new Rock and Roll exhibit. Wow! There were a lot of people there! The exhibit was really great and the best part was that it was free on Saturday. Could be why there were so many people there. Doesn't matter. Just glad there were so many there to see the history center. It's another one of those surprising things to find in Oklahoma. Very well put together museum, with tons of things to see.

That's about it for us. We did our chores. Consumed almost an entire bottle of wine and did a lot of TV watching. Oh...and I took some pictures. Enjoy!