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Cindy Maddera

Today, I am thankful for the sun. The Glorious Sun. I am thankful that I am almost done with my work today so I can get out into that glorious sunshine (I have sunscreen!).

And even though I know the grand brats will be staying over this weekend and it's usually annoying, I am thankful that they are coming. I'm planning to turn them into slave labor. If they help me clean up the back yard, I will take them to Pink Swirls (best ice-cream ever). If they agree, but complain and only pick up one piece of dog poop, then they get to come and watch us eat the ice-cream. If they don't agree to help, they don't even get to watch the ice-cream being eaten. Them's the rules.

I am also thankful that my name is on this new paper being submitted for publication. It really belongs to the guy my boss works with in Germany. I am usually not involved with their projects. But this time I am! One more for the CV.

What are you thankful for today?