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Cindy Maddera

So, as I said earlier, I've been reading the War of Art. I haven't finished it yet because I've actually been taking my time reading it, underlining things and writing notes in the margins. I even tagged the chapter about friends and family who criticize with a sticky tab.

At first glance this seems like a book for the creative type, a category that I really don't put myself in. I know I like to take pictures and that is, in some circles, considered a creative endeavor, but it's not something I ever plan to make a living on. But the book is really about getting off your ass and just doing the things you want to do. The author calls the obstacle that keeps us from doing these things resistance. Resistance employs everything, including ourselves and the kitchen sink, to keep us from achieving our goals.

This week I start my war on resistance. Time to turn off the distractions and take charge. Of what, I'm not quite sure yet, but I'll figure that out soon enough. One thing for sure, which I realized after the long Thursday last week, is that I have to take time out each day to take care of myself. I can't teach if I am too worn out and the way I'm going I'm going to make myself sick. So I'm vowing to do something nice for myself at least once a week. I also plan on taking more pictures, something I've done a lot less of since I finished my 365 day project. I didn't take the greatest, most creative pictures for the project, but I had fun and I enjoyed taking the pictures.

So...Fuck off resistance! You don't scare me. Well...maybe a little, but fear is a good motivator. It says so in the book.