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Cindy Maddera

When we purchased the scooters the pecking order for best money spent on something went: the dog, then the scooters. For me the pecking order goes Chris, dog, scooter. Every thing else falls bellow that line.

One of the best parts of riding the scooter (besides the time I passed that old guy on a Harley) is being able to ride with Chris. I got my license first and had to ride behind Chris (with his learner's permit) for weeks until he finally got his license. After that it didn't matter who was in the lead. We tend to play scooter tag at stop lights and Chris's general goofiness just makes me laugh. It makes for the best commutes to work.

My schedule has gotten a little out of control recently with all the yoga classes I'm teaching. Chris and I haven't had many days where we get to ride together. But the very best days are those that combine my first love with my third love. Now, if there was only some way we could get Hooper to ride in a side car...