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Cindy Maddera

A few years ago I purchased a new alarm clock. A lot of time and effort went into the purchase of the alarm clock. It had to be just the right size and digital so that I wouldn't have to use my brain whenever I rolled over and checked the clock to be sure I still had a few more hours left to sleep. The digital number had to be a soft blue light (not red) and it had to be easily programmed. One of the main selling features of the clock I ended up with was that I would never have to set it. If the power went out, it would re-set itself and move forward or back for Daylight savings time.

[If you haven't noticed, I'm slightly obsessed with time. I realize that this is an attachment and attachments cause suffering. I was told this really great story once about a monk picking up Swami Sivananda from the airport. She was starting to panic because the Swami was running late for a speaking engagement. But through a series of events causing the first speaker to be late, Swami Sivananda (who was never worried) was right on time. Moral: Don't stress about being late until you are actually late. And I don't...any more.]

Congress passed the Energy Policy Act in 2005 that extended daylight savings time, moving it from the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in March (retarded). My alarm clock was built before congress passed the Energy Policy Act. Now, when the time change happens, I have to change the clock manually. But then the clock changes itself again on the real Daylight Savings time.

Sunday I woke up at 8:30 AM thinking that I had really slept in (for me) and then felt the need to rush around before meeting my mom in Stroud at 1:00. Except, except. It really wasn't 8:30. It was 7:30. AM. SUNDAY. Now do you understand why Daylight Savings Time is stupid?