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Cindy Maddera

There's this little shop next to a Pho place in a rundown shopping strip on 23rd street. Inside this little shop there is a little old Chinese lady that makes her own tofu. She will also fry the tofu for you in two minutes and it comes in three different blends: plain, black mushroom, and lemon grass. She handed me a sack full of cubed fried black mushroom tofu and it was like getting a bag of street food. Perfect on a cool or cold day. In love.

A new ice-cream place just opened up on our side of town called Pink Swirls, where they serve live culture frozen yogurt and sushi (together at last). They have eight fruity flavors of non-fat frozen yogurt to choose from with a bazillion toppings. My favorite thing about this place is the huge variety of chopped fruits that can be added to your yogurt. They even had longan berries. Did not get a chance to try the sushi, though it looked good. We were there for dessert. But I can clearly picture summer evenings where we ride the scooters over for sushi and frozen yogurt.

Now I just need a one-stop grocery store and drinkable tap water.