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Cindy Maddera

I bought a new pillow while we were at IKEA on Saturday. They have their pillows categorized by how you sleep (side, back, upside get the point). I hesitated over one that was for side and back sleepers because it was $20 (the Gosa Hassel). But Chris convinced me to go ahead and get it. I put it in a pillow case as soon as we got home. And when I finally laid down to go to sleep, I remember thinking that I really should roll over onto my side. But I never did. I didn't move the entire night. Plus, I didn't wake up with neck pain.

I was telling Robin about the new pillow on Monday and how amazed I was with the effect it has had on my sleep. Robin then asked "why is it we always do this?". She said she's just as guilty about hanging on to crappy lumpy pillows. And then I thought, you know, she's right.

I felt like I needed permission from more then just Chris to buy this pillow. A pillow! Like twenty bucks was too much to spend for a good nights sleep. That is just f*#&ed up. Sleep, the most important thing we do for ourselves is not worth $20. And the biggest, most annoying thing about this is it's taken me thirty three years to figure it out. I am telling every one of you. Go buy yourself a new pillow!