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Cindy Maddera

I have plenty of things I could blog about, but some of it I'm not ready to put down in print just yet. Things pertaining to yoga teaching are starting to roll, but I want to wait until some things are set in before actually talking about it. I am ready for Spring and all the new things that are headed my way this time around. One of those things is the return of camping season.

It's been three years since I've been camping. Longer for Chris. And now that he has weekends off again, we are ready to get back into the camp groove. To help us get motivated, we set the new tent up in the backyard on Saturday (because we are children). This is the tent we wanted to buy three years ago, but couldn't afford. It's the first Hobitat 4 model and since REI has a new model, our tent was on clearance. Like major, Oh-My-God clearance. So now we have the tent. We have the will and the desire. We just need the time. Preferably a time when it's not doing one of the following: tornado, storms, fire, get the idea.