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Cindy Maddera

Yesterday, I left work early so I could get the yard mowed before we turned into that house on the block. You know the house I'm talking about. Any way, Chris finally had the balls to ride his scooter to work and knowing his scooter was no longer blocking the lawn mower gave me a smidge of motivation.

Not only did I get the front yard mowed, but the back yard is done too. I don't weed-eat. If it needs doing, I leave it to some one else. I got the yard cleaned up and mower put away and ran inside to shower (sneezing fit started about half way through the back yard). Colored my hair and was dressed all before Chris headed home from work. So, I did what any budding photographer would do. I lay in wait on our side walk for him to come home and ambush him like paparazzi.

The bottom picture is better viewed here.