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Cindy Maddera

Things I did for me this weekend:

  • Give myself a pedicure.
    I had sad feet with months (and months) old polish on the nails, polish that had been slapped on in haste due to open-toed shoes. These are the feet my students have been looking at in yoga class (cringe). Best discovery was using raw sugar and olive oil as a foot scrub. Marvelous!

  • Cut my hair.
    As in, yeah, I cut my own hair. Not something I would ever recommend, but when you're are desperate. And despite getting a little carried away blindly chopping away at the neckline, the hair looks good. Don't worry. Zelda, I will be in next month for a real haircut. Promise.

  • Bought a new backpack.
    Do you know how hard it is to find a backpack that will carry my laptop and my fifty pound yoga mat? Do you?!? Down right asking for the moon. None of my favorite brands had anything suitable (close, but no cigar). But I went into Eddie Bauer (to actually look at something else) when Chris was all "hey! look at this ugly green backpack". Thankfully, they had one in blue so I didn't get stuck with an ugly green or orange one. When the pack is all loaded, it's heavy, but the yoga mat rests on the seat of the scooter and takes some of the weight off. Scooter ride was much easier and I didn't look like Quasi Modo when I took off the bag.