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Cindy Maddera

That's right people. Four more days until Mrs. Swan leaves for Thailand for two whole months. TWO. MONTHS. Do you know what I'm going to do during that time? The possibilities are endless.

The first thing I'm doing is tackling the kitchen. I'm going to pull everything out of the cabinets and toss and clean. Oh...I'm so excited about this, I almost started on the project early. But I reigned myself in and settled with cleaning out the 'fridge. After the kitchen, I'm moving to the bathroom. The tossing and trashing! I am giddy.

We may even be able to have people over without me cringing on the inside of what they may possibly be thinking about the cave we are living in. We might even go through all the trouble of having a garage sale. Yeah...I know right? I hate putting together garage sales. But it may actually be worth it.

I am telling you the possibilities are endless! I am going to shower with the bathroom door open and walk around the house naked! NAKED! Hahahahahahaha! We are just four days away.