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Cindy Maddera

So...I got a teaching bite. I've been called about teaching at a studio on the north side of the city. What's the problem you ask? The class she really wants me to take over is a Monday evening class. I already have a Monday evening class. Granted, I'm teaching that class for free and the new class would actually pay. But I feel some sort of obligation to my students ('cause I'm crazy). My other option is to start a 7 AM class there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As much as I'd love to teach a morning class, I know from all the years of morning classes at the Y that it's really hard to get people to come to those classes. And the way this studio works, I'd have to have at least 5 students to make it worth my while financially.

I'm back to square one. I think at the end of the beginner basic course I'm teaching at work I'll go have a meeting with HR. Maybe if my students email HR and I tell them I can't teach with out getting paid any more, they'll do something. Doubt it, but it's worth a try. Meanwhile (back at the ranch) I'll get those business cards and start dropping them off at gyms. I've barely started and I already feel like I need a business manager.