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Cindy Maddera

What? Huh? What's that? I have a what? I have a blog? Oh...I have a blog! Apparently I only have a blog when I have something to complain about. And up until this very moment (other then my stomach being slightly achy - I think it might be gas) I had nothing to really complain about.

But then the boss walked in to tell me that she submitted the paperwork that would close the lab January first of 2010. I really don't have any complaint here. Well...except for the whole no job part of it. I knew this was coming and I'm planning. My CV is done and ready to be mutilated by Chris. I've looked around at other labs and I know who I plan on sending my CV to. I'll be fine. Sad, but fine. Changing something already good is scary. That's all.

But other than that, that's about it. The planets must have been in some kind of funky alignment last week. Everyone I've talked to had the same week that I did last week. One of those gnashing of teeth kind of weeks. But now. Now. The sun is out (yeah, still a bit cold), kitchen cabinets have been cleared and cleaned, bathroom scrubbed and de-cluttered, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down is playing on the pod and so far I've set nothing on fire in the lab. This may turn out to be OK.