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Cindy Maddera

Today is one of those rare Sunday's where I don't really have to do anything. Yeah, I still need to dust and vacuum the bedroom and prep tomorrow's dinner. But these are not pressing things and I'll get them done sometime today. So we are taking today at our leisure.

We started our morning with brunch at Ingrid's which is turning into Chris's favorite new place. We had been there for Saturday breakfast and I fell in love with the apple cinnamon French toast (apples baked into the bread). But Sunday's are a little different. They have a buffet only and no menu. I had read a review about their brunch buffet not being very vegetarian friendly and at first glance, it's not. But when Chris told them I was a vegg, they were super cool about it and made me my very own eggs benedict with out the ham and went through all the buffet items identifying the things that did and didn't have meat products in them. Best part? They have desserts...for breakfast!

After brunch, we headed over to the Plaza San Miguel Flea Market and I really wish I had taken my camera. There's not much at the market, with a lot of empty booth space. Many of the booth's cater to the Hispanic community and you can smell tamales cooking while you listen to a mariachi band. Way back in the back we discovered a large booth full of junk. There were tons of old records and just mostly miscellaneous crap. We found an old camera and while Chris was haggling the price with the shop keeper (Hispanic version of Dad) I found a side table that's perfect for our future home. Hispanic Dad fell a little in love with us and trying to get away from him was very much like trying to get away from my own Dad when he's at the flea market. But we made it out the door with our great finds.

And now we are home and I'm contemplating picking up a dust rag or just taking a nap. No rush. I've got the whole day.