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Cindy Maddera

Session two of yoga teacher training happened this weekend. It's all down hill from here. There's no anatomy, sanskrit or quizzes in session two. That means it should be a breeze right? WRONG. Session two is about teaching yoga to beginners. And by beginner, I mean people who have never done, seen, smelt or experienced yoga in any way. Still, I thought this might be easy.

I'm having a problem with all the dialog associated with the lessons I have to teach. There just seems to be so much talking and explaining about the how and why of doing it this way instead of that way. It doesn't help that I scheduled my first class for today at lunch time. I didn't have much time to study and prepare. I had a full class of ten with all of them new except for two. I just felt bumbly and off. Like I should have had a V8. I'm teaching the class again this evening. Hopefully I learned something form the lunch time class.

The good news is I received my certificate for completing 180 hours of training in yoga teacher training. I can take this certificate and start knocking on gym doors. I need to start teaching for pay. I have some yoga related things that I need to pay for and it would be nice to pay for it with money earned teaching yoga related things. I'm so close to being done with this. There's only three training weekends left (we don't have one in May) and then I can register with Yoga Alliance and be a legitimate bona-fide yoga teacher. Whew!